Thursday, December 04, 2008


What everyone has been waiting for! Here are the photos pulled from my camera. Thank you to everyone who picked up the camera and took a few shots! Jon and I set the photos up on a slideshow and watched them during dinner one evening, and it was fun to see what everyone took pics of. These photos start right before we headed to the hospital to check in, and the last photo was taken today at lunch. Hot off the press! There's a ton of them, so hopefully they'll keep you guys busy for awhile!

Today is day 7. Caleb is officially a week and one hour old! Everyone must have been thinking of us, because the phone rang off the hook today! We tried to call everyone back, but if we didn't make it to you, we're doing fine! It's been a week of adjustment for sure, but I'm feeling better, Caleb is doing great, and Jon has been amazing taking care of the two of us!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Morning Reflection

It's 6am and I'm gazing into the eyes of the most beautiful creation I've ever seen. Caleb is 4 1/2 days old. It's been a wild ride in just that short of time. Last night I was so tired of being a new mom, tired of trying to figure out what Caleb wanted, tired of being sore (everywhere!). But oh, what six hours of sleep and a few good feedings can do! We were headed back to bed for another two hours of sleep, but Caleb was content to gaze around with his beautiful eyes, and I just couldn't miss that. So I'm up! I figure I'll sleep later.

I haven't done anything on the computer until this moment (barring a web cam conversation with family), so I haven't seen photos or read stories; I haven't even pulled my own photos off the camera! I could write 10 posts about the things that have happened, but for now, I'll just say that I am so blessed. So blessed to have a perfect little baby boy, to have a wonderful husband beyond description, to have supportive family and friends, and to have quiet moments like these.