Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Who is this Stranger in my house??

And whose grand idea was it to give him a big boy haircut??

Other big boy things: Eating an apple...or trying!

And eating with a spoon...or trying!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I got my nose wiped today with a baby wipe. Quite refreshing. Sadly, it was the last wipe in my diaper bag, and now I have to go buy a new package. It was fun to watch Caleb explore the package, figure out how to open it (and get the sticker part stuck on his bum), and finally pull the wipe out and proceed to wipe his hair...and then my nose.

Caleb tried hot chocolate this morning. He didn't mind it, but he LOVED the empty coffee cup and spoon. He's been playing with those all day! Stirring imaginary food, banging, and pretending to sip from the cup...so much fun!

He's added "dog" to his list of words. So "dog" and "puppy" but no "cat" or "kitty??" I'm confused about that one!

*Cross my fingers* Caleb seems to be growing out of his separation anxiety. I know--about time! But just in the last few weeks has he done really well when we drop him off in nursery--even in an unfamiliar nursery in Arkansas! Of course, the nursery worker there was tempting him with sausage biscuit....

Caleb tried eggs today for the first time. He wasn't really a fan. He ate a couple of pieces, but after that took it out of his mouth. But I understand. Eggs aren't for everyone.

It's so fun to see Caleb walking! He doesn't get very far, and he still has to pull up on something to get started, but it's just neat. What a day it will be when seeing him walking will be normal.

Caleb is silly. He likes to laugh and thinks things are funny (like Mama burping at lunch...not that I DID that). He has a good disposition for the most part, though he definitely likes things his way. He's starting to play more by himself which is really neat to watch.

And he will be ONE next week.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Words Words Words

Caleb is getting quite a few words under his belt!
Here are the words he's saying, and how he says them:
Mama: Mama
Daddy: Dada
Ball: Bah
Uh-oh: uh-oh
Puppy: Bah-bah
All done!: Dah-dah (As in "done, done")
Mouth: Mah

He can also point to my mouth when I ask where Mama's mouth is.

I know that some of those aren't really words in the English language, but they are sounds that Caleb is attributing to those objects, so they're words in his book. Most of this has happened in the last week, plus the whole walking thing...this is one proud mama!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Caleb's Walking!

Today Caleb just up and walked! It had been a couple steps here, a few steps there for the last few days, but boom! Today he just waltzed across the room--several times, and without anyone coaxing him! It was so much fun.

I got a little clip on my phone. My friend Emily is the one holding Caleb. The quality is pretty bad, but what an awesome accomplishment!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Sunday, November 01, 2009

First Steps!!

Caleb took his first steps unassisted today! He and I were outside on the sidewalk waiting for Daddy to come home from a meeting at church. When Jon walked up, Caleb took two steps from me to his daddy. How cool is that!!

In other news, I think Caleb is finally getting through with his stomach bug. We had no incidents or accidents yesterday, and today he's eating more and seems to be feeling better. He's still pretty clingy, but I guess a week of sickness will do that to a person.