Thursday, June 06, 2013

Conversations with Caleb

Jon is reading jokes aloud for Caleb. He comes to a knock-knock joke.

Jon: Knock knock.

Caleb: Wait! I know how to do this. I'll teach you the rules.

Jon: Okay....

Caleb: First, I say, "Knock knock." Then you say, "Who's there?" Then I say a silly word, like "Blah be boo." Then you say, "Blah be boo, who?" and I say another silly word!

Okay, so Knock Knock!

Jon: Who's there?

Caleb: Nutty vue.

Jon: Nutty vue, who?

Caleb: Tot!!


I gotta admit, I laughed. I wasn't expecting "Tot!" Haha! That's a pretty funny joke, right there.