Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our Weekend Adventure

Last month, Jon thought he needed to take a trip to Hot Springs for something work-related. As I do many times, I thanked the Lord that I am a stay-at-homer, and I suggested we all go for the day. Well, in our conversation, the day turned into an overnight stay, and we finally settled on visiting Lake Catherine, a little ways outside of Hot Springs. When Jon checked the map to re-confirm where he needed to go, he found out that what he needed was right here in town.

Oh. Bummer.

But, hey, why not go anyway? So we did! We had a great time. It was good to get away for a little family adventure. James, for whatever reason, decided he didn't want to sleep that night, and we ended up with all four of us in a small bed. The next day, we set out to hike down to a waterfall. Somehow we started out going the long, grueling route to get there, only to find the waterfall was dried up. Thankfully, a couple was there to set us on the right path back. The hike was beautiful, and worth the tired ankles! The highlights of the weekend were s'mores, ducks, enjoying time as a family, hiking, and just doing something a little different. We really had a great time. I made a Shutterfly book about our trip, and here it is:
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

James in His Walker

Here comes James down the hall in his walker! This is the first time he really figured out he could move! He heads to the hall bathroom, where Caleb is. I had a feeling once he got mobile, he would follow Caleb wherever he could!

(click the image above to be directed to the video)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

James's First Haircut

After every first birthday comes the first haircut. It's tradition!

I had planned on the first cut being before the party, but my Grandma special-requested to see James in all his baby-hair cuteness, and I obliged. However, his hair was pretty long, so I didn't wait long to give him a cut.

Yay, I'm getting my hair cut!!

Look how long it is in the back!

Mohawk it up, cut it off!

The first cut.

Already looking older!

He didn't mind the scissors, so we stuck with that method instead of bringing out the clippers.

All done!

Nice and short!

I think he likes it!

The clipping saved for posterity.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Since I'm trying to catch things up around here, here's a quick look at some things Caleb enjoyed this summer.

Every day we tromped around hunting for cicada shells. He was a fan.

And no, he was not naked. He just didn't have a shirt on. Don't you remember how stinking hot it was in August?? 

He also loves drawing on his "iPad." What struck me about this particular picture is that it was decided beforehand that it would be a lion. And it looks like a lion! See the mane? See it?

Okay...maybe only a mama can see it, but I was proud. And last night he drew a little man, which was an intentional circle with two sticks coming out the bottom for legs. Then he drew a mouth, which had a decided downturn. "He's sad." was the simple explanation.

I'm telling you, it's so cool to see these little changes! I love parenting!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

James Turns One...and We All Celebrate!

Well it took over two years to get Caleb's birth story written, so getting a first birthday post in before James turns two is pretty good!

James's first birthday was a special event. In my view, first birthdays are about family, and should generally be small events. I mean, the kid doesn't even know what's going on, so there's not much reason for a lot of hoopla.


Except when the little one-year-old has been loved on by so many people, and prayed for fervently. We really felt like James's first birthday was a good chance to thank everyone who has helped us out so much his first year. The fact that we didn't have to go to the grocery store for three weeks after James was born, that our insurance copay was taken care of when we found out about James's surgery, that we were supplied with enough preemie clothes for the months that he wore them, that someone is always willing to hold him or watch him for us, and the list goes on. Our church has been such a support to us--our family, when our family was far away--and that needed to be celebrated. So, we had a big party.

It was County Fair themed. Flags, popcorn, giant pickles, corn dogs, and good ol' mountain music in the background. The best part of the party was that just about our whole family was able to come. Those who weren't, we were able to see the weekend before.

James is Master of the Cheese when it comes to cameras!

Caleb spent most of his time at the watermelon...or trying to get someone to open his sucker for him!

Singing "Happy Birthday." Caleb loved singing!

Here's the candle!

Caleb took his job as "candle blower helper" seriously, and had the candle out before James even had a chance!

I love James's face. "Dude, did you just blow out my candle?!"

James tries frosting!
It was a great weekend. We loved the chaos of the whole family being around. It was a blessing, and our house felt empty when everyone had gone. We are so rich in family and friends!

Check out the rest of the photos from that weekend here:


Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Swingin' Good Time

We love our swing!


Monday, October 03, 2011

Little Sweater Man

Seriously? How cute is this.

To the Zoo We Go!

Little Rock is about halfway between us and Jon's parents, so Nana and Granddad got to meet us at the zoo on this beautiful day. The boys loved seeing the animals.
Look at those cute teeth!

Eating a picnic at the park before heading to the zoo.

Caleb and Granddad.

Pickle Boy.

Sweet Potatoes Boy

Granddad and Caleb off to explore.

Feeding the fishies.

Cool dude at the zoo.

Look, mom! A bird!

Caleb wasn't shy about petting the animals.

One of these things....

Silly family

Poor kid. I forgot to bring him any toys. He had an empty water bottle and his sock.

Caleb and the tigers

Now he's got a good view!

Poor Granddad's face was right by the snake so Caleb could see!

Nana and Granddad and the boys