Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Party of Five?

It's been no secret that Jon and I wanted a third kiddo. When Caleb was at the stage where he started showing signs of being a toddler, and less a baby, we just knew. It was time for another one. This time around, we enjoyed James's slower development very much, appreciating the dependence he still had on us, while we continued to push him toward toddler-hood. My desire for another baby was pushed back a little because of the daunting thought of taking care of a newborn...and carrying a 3-year-old! And diapering them both, and nursing one and spoon-feeding the other. Etc, etc.

However, two things have happened. One, James has started to grasp at those bits of independence. The possibility of walking, being potty-trained, and self-feeding are all within reach. And two, I realized that moms have twins all the time, where they have to deal with two. And moms of kids with special needs have other children, and they all make it. So even if James doesn't check those marks of independence off his list by the time Newbie3 arrives, it might be a little more hassle, but so what.

So, we had only one other little technicality to deal with: insurance. We switched health insurance about a year ago, and were told they would not cover maternity for 12 months. Duly noted. So we waited.

Then in February we miscarried, and so we had to wait a little more. We found out in April that we were expecting again.

A third is a little surreal. It doesn't seem nearly as life-changing, honestly. The first was a humdinger. The second was an adjustment. But three? It can't be that much different, right? We already have the van, the bassinet, the crib and the toddler bed. We've been changing diapers for four years, making bottles, cleaning sippies, dealing with child goo on the shoulders of every nice shirt we own. We understand the pause that a newborn requires, the ability to go out (and survive) in public with multiple kids, and that family is pretty much the most important thing next to God. So in many ways, the news of a third doesn't seem that big.

Then again....

THREE. I mean, you can't even fit in an average sedan with three kids plus carseats and boosters! And that just reminds me of all the JUNK that kids require. Our van is stuffed when we visit family for Christmas. I can't imagine adding another kid and his stuff, too! And three kids is pretty daunting for hosting, too! I doubt we'll be getting many more dinner invites!

Then again...

THREE. How cool is that?? Caleb will be so excited to find out another baby is coming, and I know he'll hope it's a sister. James LOVES babies, so while he may not understand for awhile exactly what's going on, when that baby comes home, he'll be head over heels. I have loved watching Caleb step into the role of big brother, teaching and cheering James on, comforting him, correcting him, bossing him, loving him. And I can't wait to see how James becomes a big brother himself.

Notes on the pregnancy:
As of today (4/30), I am 8 weeks and one day. We found out right about four weeks.
We told our parents last week, but no one else so far!
We want to tell the boys next, but know that telling Caleb will essentially be telling the world. :)
I have gotten one ultrasound at 6 weeks from our friend at the pregnancy center here in town. I do not go to my OB until I am 12 weeks.

A little slice of life

Last night I had a nice post in mind, about how satisfied I felt about life. I think I should have written it, so I could remind myself this morning!

Isn't it sad how quickly our mindsets change? Let me try to recreate last night....

Caleb got to go to the high school softball game with Jon. Caleb is now old enough to play on the playground with his friends, while Jon watches the game (and keeps an eye on Caleb from a distance). We definitely love our small town, and the fact that if other people are at the park, they are likely church members who we trust to keep an eye on our boy for us.

While the "big boys" were at the game, I was getting dinner ready. I was very tired yesterday, and didn't really relish the idea of making the energy-intensive meal I'd planned for the night...but I did it, anyway. It was really yummy, and I got to use these things from our garden: broccoli, lettuce, and basil. That made me VERY happy. I really hope our garden continues to do well this summer.

When the boys came back, Caleb and James went outside to play while I finished up the last bits of dinner. James isn't old enough to go out by himself, yet, but Caleb is an excellent tattle-tale, and I can trust I will know if James is doing something he's not supposed to!

As a side note, Caleb is now covered in mosquito bites, while James doesn't seem to be. Which mirrors exactly their mom and dad. I am covered in bites, while Jon--if he is--doesn't seem bothered by them.

It was finally dinner time, which consisted of the usual up-and-down routine for me. James has improved tremendously when it comes to eating, but it's still a battle! Dinner ended with James signing "potty," Jon carrying him off to the bathroom, and Caleb asking to be excused. I was left by myself to finish my dinner. That's what happens when I'm the slowest eater in the family!

As another side note, James immediately went to the bathroom once he was on the potty. Sometimes I get really excited that he is "getting it," but other days we just have lots of wet diapers. I have in my mind that eventually we'll just have dry diapers all day long, going potty every couple of hours, and I'll just starting putting him in undies. Wouldn't that be a lovely transition! Can you tell I'm not relishing the idea of a potty training boot camp?

We ended the day with prayers. James went on to bed after that, and Caleb stayed up for story time. We are reading The Hobbit now. It's been so long since I've read it, that I have no idea what is coming up next! Jon has read The Hobbit once a year for most of his life, I think, so he can explain the map, and how it all comes back into the Lord of the Rings. Must be handy having such a memory!

I love my boys. I'm sorry I have not updated about them much lately! They are both growing and learning. Caleb is starting to spell! He can sound out simple words surprisingly well! And James is getting more comfortable with walking. It's still not his primary mode of locomotion, but it's getting there!