Friday, March 13, 2009

First Bath

2am on Friday, November 28. Where were you?

I was in a hospital bed, eating a much-appreciated sandwich, and about to get all the tape pulled off my arm and back from the IV and epidural. Caleb was getting his first bath, and Jon was capturing it on film through the security glass of the nursery. You can hear Jon yawn a couple of times; he hadn't had much sleep in several days.

The "uncut" version of this is in the works...but it's 14 minutes long and I can't seem to find a place that will host it. Most people don't want to see 14 minutes of a baby bath, but I know family will, so I'll keep working on it.

The songs playing are ones that I listened to all during labor and delivery...the first songs Caleb heard! He was actually born to Vivaldi's "Four Seasons." I remember because the dr. commented on it while Caleb was being born. I'd set up my playlist so lullabies would be playing when Caleb was born, but he was born a lot faster than I expected (once pushing started, at least)!

(Ooh, I'm giving you tidbits into The Story...maybe someday I'll get it all written out for you!)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Out with the Old, In with the Older!

At four months into my pregnancy, KarenN and I switched all my non-maternity for maternity clothes in my closet. My beloved clothes were packed away for almost 9 months. Somewhere between 2 and 3 months post-partum, Jon brought them back in--all two huge bins of them. Sadly, I couldn't wear a lot of it! A few pieces made their way into my closet, and as I added, I'd take out some maternity. However, I soon realized that I really wasn't wearing any of the maternity any more, so last week my mom helped me make the switch. As I went through all the clothes I hadn't seen in 9 months, I filled 4 more bags with clothes (to add to the 2 I filled before putting them in the bins). I got rid of stuff that was worn out or that I felt frumpy in. So that leaves a much cleaner closet, which is great!

As I put things in the closet, I tried them on for size. Skirts are wonderfully forgiving, so that was good. Pants, not so much, especially since I was outgrowing my pants before I was even pregnant. However, the good news is that I can wear about half of them (the bad news is that the other half are most of my dress pants). And I'm confident that I'll get back to a weight where I can wear them soon.

One funny note about switching from maternity to non is that I have to get used to zippers again! Maternity pants have those great stretchy bands of elastic, and I've tried a couple of times to pull my non-maternity pants off without undoing the button and zipper first! I wouldn't be surprised if I've walked around with my fly open and never even noticed it!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Caleb & Ian (Caleb's 3-month photos)

Last Wednesday Caleb & Ian had a second photo shoot together, this time with cute clothes that Great Grandma sent them. You can see how much Caleb has grown since their last photo shoot together! I took lots of shots of just Caleb, since it would serve as his 3-month photo shoot as well.