Thursday, March 22, 2007

A slight change in plans

Well, last week, I found out that through a technicality (called insurance), I had to move my appointment from April to May. I was pretty disappointed. Not only does that move baby thoughts back a month, but I was getting pretty excited about not having to take birth control much longer. I've always pushed the ethical issues of oral contraceptives out of my mind, but they've been coming to the front more often, and I'm not really comfortable with the idea any more. Waiting until April to stop hadn't seemed too bad, but now another month....

However, another event occurred last week. Jon and I went to visit a newborn, two weeks old and quite the handsome little boy. Jon held him almost the whole time, and as we got in the car, came to the decision that I should go ahead and get off the pill. Fine by me! :) I still have to finish out this month, and after that, we'll probably use other methods until I do talk to the doctor. This gets me a little ahead of the game, though, by allowing my body to go ahead and get the hormones out of my system (I've heard you have to allow 3 months before trying to get pregnant). It will be interesting to see how I'm affected. I'm hoping to lose weight :)

So we'd pushed back the whole shebang for another month, and now we've pushed it up! And I'm perfectly fine with that! Pretty exciting!

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