Wednesday, July 11, 2007


This is a little belated, but I took a third test after a couple more days. Still wasn't pregnant, and finally my body kicked in gear and did what it was supposed to do. Guess it was stress or something.

In the meantime, John and Karen announced their pregnancy! Yay! I'm happy that I'll be an aunt before I'll be a mom. It just seems like it should be the way of things. And I get to be the favorite aunt, too!

Karen passed off all her "getting pregnant" accouterments, including extra ovulation tests. For a couple who's not really trying, ovulation tests are a little intimidating! However, I'm sure they'll be handy at some point. They brought up the question, "If we're okay with getting pregnant, why not try?" The obvious answer is to avoid the frustration that comes from being unsuccessful. But, the second answer is that well, maybe that makes sense. Knowing me, I'll want to try the test just because it's new and kinda cool. But maybe we should wait a little while longer.

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