Friday, June 06, 2008

16 weeks!

Another week has passed! I've blogged a couple times this week, so not much to update on my end. Oh! The biggest thing this week was that KarenN helped me trade out all my normal clothes for maternity! It was pretty crazy, and I'm so thankful for her help. We ended up with two trash bags full of stuff for Goodwill, two big Rubbermaid bins full of normal clothes, and a closet full of maternity! I am so blessed to have received all the clothes I have. Most of the summer clothes are pretty outdated, so some of it is going to Goodwill as well, and I'll be contributing to the "summer collection" through this summer. I've already added a pair of shorts and a cute top! And hopefully Leanna's going to go shopping with me next week so we can add even more! (Right, Leanna??) I haven't actually cleared it with her, but I'm hoping she says yes. :)

It's fun to have a whole new wardrobe, but also a little intimidating. I don't have my old standbys and I don't know what tops go with what pants. All my favorite comfy clothes are gone. So yeah, I went through a little shock, but it's also so nice to know that whatever I pull out will fit! Some of it's still too big, but a lot of it works just fine.

The Norvells got me a high chair this week, and are scouting out the perfect Pack 'N Play. It's amazing how much variety is out there. I tried to look at baby toys online the other day and quickly got overwhelmed. I think my kid is going to play with cardboard boxes and pots and pans--if only so I don't have to decide what to register for!

On the baby front, Newbie is 4.5 inches, and is "poised for a growth spurt." In the next few weeks he'll double his weight! And sometime in there I'll start to feel his little movements. How cool will that be!

I've got an appointment on Monday--just routine stuff--though John tells me we'll get to hear the heartbeat every time, which is way too neat to be labeled routine.


  1. We'll need to discuss what baby items of ours you can use, too. I'm sure you'll want your own stuff on some things. But we'll have outgrown both bouncy chairs by the time Newbie arrives, and Ian hardly uses the new one! (He definitely shows preference for the older chair, crazy, huh?)

  2. Oh, a shopping we will go! And I'm with you on the baby toys...keep it simple...seriously, way too much unneeded stuff out there -- BUT some of it is wanted! =)

  3. I agree...pots and pans and Tupperware stuff is great! Encourages creativity and all that stuff.

    I can't wait to hear that you've felt the "flutter". It won't be long now...

    Also, about equipment, you'll want to be "spare" until you get a bigger place (next year, maybe). As a newborn, your little one won't need toys. By the time the baby is 3 mos or so old, he/she'll need a playmat and other toys. By then you'll probably have moved! Yikes!

  4. @Momma: I know...I can't imagine all the changes that might happen in the next year! But spare is good advice right now!

  5. Lydia, my kids' favorite toy for the first 5-6 months was the toy that clips to their carrier(a Whoozit for one and a Lamaze firefly for the other) - those were terrific investments!


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