Friday, April 03, 2009

This is how we do it.

Something I've always thought was weird about mothers was their use of the term "we."

"We're a little grumpy this afternoon because we decided to skip our nap."

"We love Gerber Puffs!"

Well now I get it. Every movement, every cry (and soothing), every like and dislike is very personal to mothers. We're there when they miss their naps--not only there, but the one holding, rocking, feeding, doing everything we can to help the baby nap. We're there when they're grumpy--not only there, but we face the screams, the short tempers, the inconsolable crying as we try to convince our children that they really. really. need a nap.

And we're there when they reach their feet for the first time, master a toy on the exersaucer, giggle at silly noises that we're making, try solids. And the list goes on. Mothers are inextricably linked to their children. When a mom says "We ate rice cereal for the first time today!" she really means it. For the first time, that mother put a little rubber-tipped spoon in that baby's mouth, and celebrated each swallow and wiped up each spit-up. At the end of the last bite, she can honestly say,

"Hooray! We did it!"


  1. Amen! Every little new experience is new for everyone in the family!

    And if you're like me, and you actually try everything you put in your baby's mouth, then you really can say, "we!"

    By the way, rice cereal tastes like really bland grits.

  2. I was never brave enough to actually eat baby food; I just spooned it in! And I was so glad when you advanced to table food and we didn't have to buy that yucky looking stuff any more! Table food also saved you from the orange skin you got when I overfed you carrots! :)

    Good luck with solids!


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