Saturday, April 03, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Bright and early this morning was Caleb's first Easter egg hunt! We got there right at start time, and saw children spread from under the pavilion like ants, baskets in hand and parents cheering them on. Jon and I quickly caught the spirit of the race for eggs, and coaxed Caleb: Let's go! Let's find all the eggs and fill your basket! Come on!

But Caleb, being the relaxed boy he is, was more content to saunter toward the action.

Once he found his first egg, he caught on pretty quickly, but was still in no hurry.

I realized that he had the better approach, especially as I saw parents yelling (in a nice way, but still could be disturbing to a small child) for their one-year-old to run, run, run for all the eggs!! Seriously, what was he going to do with them all anyway? We had to turn the eggs back in, and most of them were empty. The candy Caleb did find, we weren't going to let him eat! So, we sauntered.

We bumped into our friends Zach and Beth and their son, John. John is only two weeks older than Caleb, so they get along really well together. John--also not affected by the frenzy of the hunt--seemed to think it was more fun to put eggs in Caleb's basket than his own.

Adding more eggs.

Our family

My wonderful husband who makes my life so great.

And my wonderful son who makes my life so silly!

Reason #248 for why I like having a kid: I get to go down the slide!


  1. looks like y'all had a great time; wish I could've been there too

  2. Too cute-way to go Caleb! I've seen video of me at this age and I was pretty relaxed. Often would walk right by one and my older sis would get it. But then she would help me out once my parents got on her. Fun memories in the making - you guys look great!


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