Saturday, January 01, 2011

Signs You Might Be a Seasoned Mom

You might be a seasoned mom if:
  • You find yourself humming Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, Baker's man....all day long. (And hear your husband singing a Veggie Tales song to himself.)
  • A baby spits up on you and you don't run screaming into the bedroom to change clothes.
  • You refer to yourself in the third person.
  • Your alarm clock is a tiny human.
  • The idea of staying up 'til midnight to ring in the new year doesn't even occur to you.
  • You know the favorite hiding places in your house.
  • "Daytime TV" consists of Barney and other kids programs.
  • Your ears are trained to hear the tiniest cries.
  • A screaming child can make you smile.
  • You call others at 8am on a Saturday morning and wonder why they don't answer.
  • You instinctively place permanent markers, scissors, and valuable objects four feet off the ground or higher.
  • You understand the nuances of baby cries.
Please add to the list!


  1. Great list! So true! And you are a wonderful, beautiful, seasoned mom!! I love you!!

  2. Others I've thought of:
    You call your husband "Daddy" even when you're out without your kids.
    You consider buying a $500 iPad for its potential to entertain your 2-yr-old.

  3. You use your child to get your spouse to do something, as in "Emily thinks Daddy should go get Mommy a glass of cold water."

    You have frequent poop discussions with your spouse. And you know the frequency of another person's poop. "Have you changed a poopy diaper today? She hasn't gone in a couple of days."

    Your room looks like a daycare, there are so many baby things lying around. All this for one kid??

  4. You refer to your own bathroom habits by using words such as "potty," "pee pee", "poop," and "undies."

    "Boob" pretty much becomes a household word. (more for the nursing moms, I suppose)

    You subconsciously know the whereabouts of that special toy or a pacifier.

    Somehow at mealtime you manage to feed yourself, spoon-feed a baby, open a package of crackers for your toddler, keep that toddler mildly entertained, AND have a conversation with your husband about the day.

  5. I had a whole list the other night and it deleted them...I'll try to remember...
    - Duck and cover usually has a soggy result if you're too slow.
    - Your laundry has doubled and shrunk in size all at the same time
    - Your lunch hour is 15 minutes you find some time between 10 and 3.
    - "Getting out" seems to always entail a stroller or buggy.
    There were more, but my brain is fried...another symptom I guesss.


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