Monday, April 25, 2011

Somebody got new rain boots...

Caleb loves puddles, but--sad to say--we haven't had any rain boots, and I've been depriving him of this boyish joy of jumping in puddles. I'd looked around in the available stores, but I really wanted some cute rain boots, not just plain rain boots. I specifically wanted frog boots.

My mother-in-law came through for me, and I don't know who loves the boots more, Caleb or myself!

Easter weekend was rain-free, so we had to make our own puddle with a water hose.

Trying out the puddle

"Can I do it again?"

Heading back for more!




  1. sooo cute! glad you made your own "rain"!

  2. Love the boots and those sweet expressions on his face! :)

  3. I LOVE the boots! So stinkin' cute. And sweet Caleb, what a fun kiddo.

    Ian has an obsession with umbrellas... we bought one at the neighborhood garage sale, but it broke (or was already broken) shortly thereafter. I thought about buying him another one, BUT IT HASN'T RAINED HERE SINCE OCTOBER!

  4. Well, if you made your own puddle... maybe I could make my own rain. He did use his umbrella to stand under the sprinkler once.

  5. I can't believe it hasn't rained since October! I think I might go crazy. I love sunshine, but I need a break every so often! Caleb loves umbrellas, too. I might have to find a frog one to match his boots.

  6. So sweet! He is precious! I guess I will have to get Noah some. He would love that!

  7. We just got a bunch of rain this week. Bring that cutie over here and we can give him some puddles to splash in. Love you! Thanks for capturing these photos. What great memories.


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