Sunday, May 22, 2011

Caleb's First Fishing Trip

Caleb and I have been pretend fishing for quite a while: finding curved sticks in the yard, sitting on our bench/boat, casting, setting the hook, reeling it in...oh! the excitement!...and proudly showing off our leaf-fish to anyone who will look. Then we kindly throw the leaf-fish back. We're still waiting on the Big One.

Well, our youth went fishing in a pond the other night, so Caleb was super-excited to be fishing for real! Though I really wanted the pint-sized Snoopy fishing pole of my youth, I had to settle for the adult-sized pole we already had, but he did really well with it...for the first two or three casts. Then he lost interest, because we weren't having as much luck with real fishing as we did with our get-a-fish-every-time pretend fishing. But it was fun nonetheless.

Before heading out to fish, we played at a friend's house, and Caleb snagged this fashionable number from the toy bin. Why he thought it was appropriate fishing attire, I do not know. But it was super-cute.

  My little fisherman.

A fisherman and his pole...and tiger hat.

Reelin' her in!

After fishing was over, and we were back at the friend's house....

Tyler is Caleb's friend, and his first sibling will be born this coming fall. It was sweet to see him with James. He's going to be a good big brother.

James doesn't know what to do with himself: the big boys are giving him all their attention!

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  1. James's expression in the last shot is, "Whaaaat was that all about?"


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