Friday, May 11, 2012

Family Bed

Several months ago, we started reading The Chronicles of Narnia as a family. We all pile on our bed, Jon reads, and I give James his bottle before bed. Caleb bounces all over the bed, but he really does listen.

We call it the Family Bed, and it has become a sweet ending to our day most nights, and we love it.

Caleb is so active during reading time, we wondered if he was listening at all. One day, Jon was reading from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe (LWW), and he described a drink that "stung the throat, but warmed the body." He looked at me and said, knowingly, "I know what drink that is!" And Caleb chimed in, "Coffee!" So, sure enough, he was listening.

We have read three of the books so far, and now we are on to Prince Caspian. The book reintroduces the four children from LWW, who are easy to love and remember, so Caleb is enjoying this book.

Both Jon and I remember being read to as kids, and I love that our own kids will have similar memories. I love that they love it! I love seeing Caleb's face light up when he understands what's about to happen, or the way he bursts into laughter at a silly joke in the story. I love how James wants to see the pictures in the book, and how he reaches out to snuggle with Caleb.

These are sweet memories for this mama.


  1. Indeed sweet! It touches my heart, too, to see you and Jon carry on a special tradition.

  2. That is a great memory you are giving those boys!


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