Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day

I think for the first time since Jon has been a dad, I've had my act together ON Father's Day, instead of making him wait months (or years) for the completed project. This year, I decided to give him bought gifts, instead of getting the boys to make something, which inevitably requires a bit of work from me and I get behind.
ANYway, all that to say that this year I kept it simple. Leanna told me about a site called Trendy Ties, that I fell in love with. The boys wore ties at Easter, and Caleb said that he was "a daddy," which made his own daddy very proud. (Considering Caleb is usually "a fairy mermaid princess," being a daddy is a bigger step than you might think!) It's hard to find ties for little boys around here, so I was happy too find them online, and with daddy ties to match!

I also made a cake. It wasn't pretty, but it was good!

Jon has been gone the whole week before Father's Day, so we decided to celebrate with banners when he got home on Saturday night. The homecoming was sweet. Both boys insisted on being held by their Daddy, and neither would let him go for anything.

Sunday morning, all my men.

I love the bow tie!

Caleb is moving past his cheesy camera smile...for now!


  1. What a neat site, I'll have to check out. I love this post - celebrating Dad's isn't something the media highlights on very much. Love to see those boys snuggling up with their daddy. Proud moment.

  2. You have a gorgeous family!


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