Thursday, June 06, 2013

Conversations with Caleb

Jon is reading jokes aloud for Caleb. He comes to a knock-knock joke.

Jon: Knock knock.

Caleb: Wait! I know how to do this. I'll teach you the rules.

Jon: Okay....

Caleb: First, I say, "Knock knock." Then you say, "Who's there?" Then I say a silly word, like "Blah be boo." Then you say, "Blah be boo, who?" and I say another silly word!

Okay, so Knock Knock!

Jon: Who's there?

Caleb: Nutty vue.

Jon: Nutty vue, who?

Caleb: Tot!!


I gotta admit, I laughed. I wasn't expecting "Tot!" Haha! That's a pretty funny joke, right there.



  1. well, he's got the surprise part of humor down, right? lol

  2. Caleb...never disappoints for amusement, does he. Keep it up kid!

  3. Oh the things kids come up with.


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