Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I'm covered!

When I moved and started working from home, I found out that my city is out of area for my insurance coverage. So, I go to the doctor on the days I go into the office. Not usually a big deal, because I'm not sick very often.

However, I've been a little concerned about how that will affect me when I'm pregnant. Pregnant people go to the doctor a lot! And they take their husbands with them. That would mean a lot of shortened days in the office, and Jon skipping work and school so he could come along, too. Of course, he wouldn't have to come to all of them, but even the "big" appointments (heartbeat, sonogram, etc.) can add up.

And then there's the actual labor and childbirth part. Most new parents go to the hospital multiple times due to false alarms, and I was having images flash through my mind of giving birth in the car on the 1.5 hr drive to the hospital.

So, imagine my delight when I went in to a clinic here in town, and I was covered! It turns out that the Out of Area coverage uses another provider, and I have a whole host of doctors to choose from, as well as numerous hospitals!

So, the doctor hunt begins. I already have an idea of which hospital I'd like to go to, because it's well-known for its labor and delivery care. I'm going to ask my current doctor for recommendations, as well as all the pregnant women and new moms that I know around here.

I can't believe I could have been going to doctors here in town for the last two years! It's a good thing I only needed a doctor a few times, or I would have been really ticked!

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