Monday, October 29, 2007

Pickles and Ice Cream!

I had pickles and ice cream today!

Okay, not at the same time, but still.... I had the ice cream for breakfast, because it was leftover from the previous day's Coldstone Creamery run, and it was SOOO yummy. Then pickles at lunch because I came into possession of a large amount of Jason's Deli pickles, which are my favorite.

But no, pretty sure I'm not pregnant. Although, as an update, I have been charting for almost a month, now, and I'm happy to say that it was as I suspected: I am ovulating, just at a different time from the "average" woman. So that's good to know. And it was cool to see my temperature spike up, which is an indication that the predominence of certain hormones are shifting.

My body's doing what it's supposed to do! I always feel awkward when pregnant women talk about "their body" as if they have no control over it. But I've figured out that it's really true. Our bodies are complex factories that do amazing things.

Off to finish the rest of my ice cream!

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