Thursday, August 07, 2008

Twenty-Five Weeks!

Caleb has grown to 13.5 inches this week! He weighs a pound and a half, which is quite an increase from last week. I can tell, too! His kicks are getting to be a bit more than love taps. Jon and I watched my belly hop and jump for a few minutes last night. It feels kind of like muscle spasms, or big popcorn balls popping.

As for me, I've noticed a few disturbing things from the first trimester creeping back in. I'm starting to get crabby again. Woohoo. And my face has started to break out more. And I'm tired again. Well, actually, I think I've been tired all the way through! :)

A friend of mine who is a couple months ahead of me said that she experienced the same thing--even with a bit of morning sickness--when she hit the third trimester. The hormones must be realigning again or something. She did assure me that it lightens up a bit...not back to 2nd trimester bliss, but a bit!

And for once, I really have kept my update short! More later!


  1. OOooo, sorry about the re-surge of unpleasant symptoms. Just a few more weeks and pregnancy will be over. Of course, since I was sick for 9 months with mine, I always thought pregnancy was greatly over-rated! haha

    However, being a mom is wonderful and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! You'll be a great one!!

  2. My month 7-8 were worse than month 9, it's like your body has to adjust again to all the changes since the baby is growing so much.

    Sorry, you're cranky. But you sure are cute! :-)


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