Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Blue Bulb of Unhappiness

One day a coworker and I were in a gift shop and came across the Blue Dog of Happiness:

My boss was going through a rough time at work, so my friend bought the Blue Dog of Happiness for his desk.

We have recently implemented a new tool at our house, the Blue Bulb of Unhappiness:

Yep, my boy is a snotty one. And he ain't happy about it.


  1. Aww. Poor baby. Check out this electronic nasal aspirator even plays music! I haven't used one personally, but I have friends who swear by it.

  2. Ahhh, the trusty old booger sucker. My kids run and scream in terror when they see ours.

  3. Poor Caleb! Did he get a cold from Ian? Ian doesn't like the snot sucker either.

  4. I don't think it's an all-out cold. I can't really tell because he has always sneezed. He coughs some, too, but I think he's done that pretty regularly without the snotty nose. It's probably just the crazy weather.

  5. Save that snot sucker for when he's older and refuses to blow his nose. We were having the worst time getting Rebekah to blow her nose, so I went out and bought one of those and used it on her (she was four at the time!). I wish I could say that she now blows her nose with no complaints, but she's stubborn. Sigh.

  6. Yeah, Ian hates it, too. Don't use it in the same place... like we would always nose suck on the changing table, so then Ian started associating diaper changes with nose sucking, and he would fuss no matter what.

    My fear is that Ian did give Caleb a cold. Blame the church nursery! But Ian is ALWAYS snotty, so I never know if he's sick, teething, or just a snotty-nosed kid.


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