Tuesday, January 06, 2009

He sleeps!

Jon figured out something big the other day: Caleb will fall asleep when you face him toward you and rest his head on your shoulder. It still takes a lot of jiggling and rocking, but it cuts out the walking around and around and around the house. This is a huge discovery! Now if we could figure out a way to keep him asleep; he tends to wake up about 10 minutes after falling asleep.

In other news, Caleb is starting to make prolonged eye contact! It sounds small, but it's pretty exciting.

And we put up a Winnie the Pooh toy by the changing table. He's all scrunched up, and when you stretch him out, he squeezes back together and plays the "Winnie the Pooh" song. We pull it at every diaper change, and Caleb really likes it! His eyes will fix on it, and he'll wiggle with the music...not that conducive to changing diapers, but still fun. He really likes the changing table. It's a good place to lay him to calm him down sometimes, and he's very good during [most] diaper and wardrobe changes.


  1. Aw. The discovery moments... Aren't those the best! I remember doing the same things with Sophie... Keep it up -eventually you will find something that works! Might also try the swing or bouncer more... maybe its the motion -or reflux! Refulx is a bugger to have!!

    Good luck. We really enjoyed having you's over last night. See you soon.

  2. I told you babies like to sleep on their tummies with legs tucked up under them. That's imitated on your shoulder. That's why when you lay them down they'll flail those arms in random movements and wake themselves up. Too bad doctors won't let moms put their babies on their tummies any more. You sure slept well that way!! :)

  3. Caleb, come play with Auntie Karen and cousin Ian tomorrow! We're excited... I've disinfected all the toys so that neither of the boys will get thrush again. :-)

    Not that Caleb will be doing much playing... but someday soon, he will. So far, with other little babies, Ian just pokes at their eyes or pulls their hair. But, he definitely seems intrigued by the other little person in the room, and don't worry, I'll make sure Caleb comes home with both his eyes and all his hair in tact. :-) Now, I may end up nibbling some of his toes because baby toes are so irresistible, but...


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