Monday, June 01, 2009

Six Months!

Yikes, I can't believe it's already been six months. Sometimes I look at Caleb and see a cute baby, sometimes I see a little boy, but it's been a long while since I've seen that helpless little newborn. This little man is blowing and going, accomplishing new things and not even realizing it.

Last Friday we went to his 6-month appointment. Here are his measurements:
Weight: 16lb 2 oz (25 percentile)
Height: 28.75 in (95 percentile)

So you see we have a long thin little guy. He's kept these same percentages since birth, so the doctor isn't worried.

She encouraged me to start on Stage 2 foods (we hadn't even made it through Stage 1, though!) and continue feeding him solids twice a day. Make sure he gets at least 24 oz. of milk (3-4 feedings), and we'll move him to solids three times a day at 9 months.

He's ready to wear sunscreen, and the dr. recommended no less than spf 50 (I've heard it doesn't matter after about 35 or so....anyone else heard that?). She also said that stinging eyes is inevitable because kids rub their eyes with their arms. However I picked up a No Tears spray sunscreen, spf 50, and so far no eye issues.

Developmentally, Caleb is doing everything he's supposed to be doing: trying to sit bracing himself with his arms like a tripod, looking back for assurance from mom, holding his head up well, and grasping. He passed with flying colors, and he didn't cry very much after his shots! All in all a good visit.

He is getting more and more mobile as the days go by. He manages to scoot all over the floor, mostly by laying on his tummy and bending to the side at the waist. But occasionally he gets his rear up in the air and I think he's just going to start crawling. I know it will take more than that, but I don't think it's too far away. He loves to explor the bottom shelf of the coffee table. I've moved everything out of arms reach from him, but he still likes to slap the shelf, and he can barely get his fingers on a photo album covered in taffeta; he likes to scratch on it with his fingernails. He really likes textures, and will scratch the ribbed fabric of the rocker, the brocade of the couch, etc. He likes to squish the cats' fur between his fingers.

I think he's developing a good sense of humor. He smiles and laughs when we tickle him or touch his nose or swing him around...or when his daddy or I sing. He obviously has a good ear, as well. He rarely fusses and can generally be distracted back into happiness. He's trying to move to two naps, but ends up getting a third later in the day. (Though today it's just 2:00 and he's already on his third, just to show you that every day is different!)

The picture at the top is Caleb's second trip to the Botanic Gardens, and our first as a family. We strolled through and stopped by the pond to feed him his dinner. Sitting on Daddy's shoulders always makes Caleb smile...and us, too! We love our little boy very much, if you can't tell. :) What a privilege to be a parent!


  1. about the sunscreen: Our doctor told us to make sure to not get sunscreen with bug spray in it. When you reapply, she said, the baby doesn't need any more bug spray.

    Oh, and I've heard that the FDA doesn't recognize anything above SPF 15, but it's been a while since I've heard that.

  2. aww, that's a great photo...he does look like a little boy...or at least you can see the boy he'll become! So glad he's growing and learning well, such a blessing!

  3. Awwww, I want to hug my little friend. I can't believe how much he is growing and changing. Love that kiddo.
    My mom says I went from scooting to walking, without much crawling in between, so you never know. =)


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