Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where is my happy child?

Caleb is a very laid back kid. Jon and I even sometimes worry that he has that rare condition where he can't feel anything. I've clipped him with nail clippers, bonked him on the head, smushed sunglasses too tight on his face, put him in water that was too hot, .... (I know, and he's only 7 months old, right? Pretty impressive list.) Through all these things, he hasn't made a sound. Of course, there are the other times to encourage us: the shots, the head bump on the coffee table, the scratch from the cat. However, we could convince ourselves that these might have been cries of surprise rather than pain. Well, our fears have been abated.

Caleb is teething.

For the first time since Caleb's been in the church nursery, I have been paged because he was crying in the Sunday morning service. And the Sunday evening service. And Wednesday night prayer meeting.

On Tuesday night, Caleb woke up every two hours. He hasn't done that since he was 4 weeks old! On Wednesday night, he woke up at 11:30pm and I'm pretty sure didn't get back to sleep until about 3:45am. That was after two extra feedings and finally being tucked snugly between Jon and I in our bed.

He's got teething tablets and Tylenol, plus a trusty teether that he really seems to take to (except at night). Despite these things, our happy-go-lucky little boy has gotten a little on edge. I spent much of the day today cuddling and playing with him; even a 3-foot distance to the computer chair was too far. Thankfully I was hanging out with Leanna who was happy to keep Mr. C entertained! Ryker was pretty willing, too!

A fact that is a little daunting to me is that this is his FIRST tooth. Jon and I had a discussion with Caleb about considering getting them all in right now...preferably before we go to bed tonight...and just get it over with. I don't think he was paying attention, but I'm crossing my fingers that he at least gets a little more sleep tonight--for all our sakes!

Has anyone seen my toothless, laid-back kid??


  1. I understand the teething part and feel for you! The boys have bottom teeth fixin' to pop through any day now already and the poor fellows have their days JUST like this.

    I LOVE the picture of cutie pie! :) You have such an ADORABLE fellow!!!! :D

  2. Lyd, sorry Mr. C is having a rough go. Ryker and I offer our services any time to distract and entertain and lick (although, I leave that mostly to Ryk!) Good luck!

  3. After age six months, they can take Motrin which seems to work better for us (and lasts six hours instead of four like tylenol).

    Oh Caleb, you got a lot of teeth coming. Poor guy... just wait till molars!

    Ian has gotten better at dealing with his tooth pain. I think maybe they get used to it. But this first one, man, it's a doozy. They haven't experienced much pain in their short lives... even with your list of boo boos. :-)

  4. Poor lil' guy, poor mommy. It is a tough season but you will make it through! I second the Motrin suggestion...the store brand works fine for us.

    If his discomfort seems worse when laying down then you might consider getting his ears looked at. When B was 12 months I thought he was extra clingy and fussy due to teething and he had a double ear infection.

    Then again, maybe I'm the only mom that can't tell the difference!

    Hope you all get some good sleep this weekend!

  5. @Stacey: He DOES have more problems at night. I think it's because it's dark with nothing else to distract him, but we go to the dr. soon so I'll have them check. Good thought!


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