Thursday, November 12, 2009

Words Words Words

Caleb is getting quite a few words under his belt!
Here are the words he's saying, and how he says them:
Mama: Mama
Daddy: Dada
Ball: Bah
Uh-oh: uh-oh
Puppy: Bah-bah
All done!: Dah-dah (As in "done, done")
Mouth: Mah

He can also point to my mouth when I ask where Mama's mouth is.

I know that some of those aren't really words in the English language, but they are sounds that Caleb is attributing to those objects, so they're words in his book. Most of this has happened in the last week, plus the whole walking thing...this is one proud mama!

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  1. The kid's a genius, I tell you, a genius.


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