Sunday, November 01, 2009

First Steps!!

Caleb took his first steps unassisted today! He and I were outside on the sidewalk waiting for Daddy to come home from a meeting at church. When Jon walked up, Caleb took two steps from me to his daddy. How cool is that!!

In other news, I think Caleb is finally getting through with his stomach bug. We had no incidents or accidents yesterday, and today he's eating more and seems to be feeling better. He's still pretty clingy, but I guess a week of sickness will do that to a person.


  1. OK, the next trick is to catch those steps on video! We put the camera on the table and positioned it to where you could see Ian walking between mom and dad.

  2. Yeah, I'm already trying to plan in my head how we could do it. He walked again tonight...this time about 5 steps from Jon to me! How fun! When we try to get him to do it again though, he just sits and cries--too much pressure!

  3. He'll be walking with confidence by the time of his birthday!

  4. Way to go Caleb! Very exciting. I'm so glad he's feeling better too. That's great for BOTH of you!


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