Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Gardening Caleb's Way

We've lived in our new place for well over a month now, and I still haven't replanted my irises! It's rained a lot and been cold, and I haven't really wanted to brave gardening with Caleb. But today was the day, and he and I got out to the front yard to put the irises in.

Everything was just peachy until watering time came. Caleb had done so well...but the water puddles were just too much of a pull for him! He walked through the flowerbed and then he fell. Mud was everywhere! But he had fun and the irises are finally in!

Here are some pictures of the aftermath. I ended up just stripping Caleb down on the back patio and hosing everything off. The mud came off surprisingly easily!


  1. LOVE the last picture :)

    So now Caleb is a lil' gardener, eh? Glad your irises survived.

  2. Love the last photo too. What fun detail shots of a muddy boys clothes. Too creative!


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