Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Potty Training: Day 3

Day 3 of this 7-day experiment, and I'm not sure if I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel or not. if you'd asked me at 6pm, I would have said yes! At that point, we'd had almost all success, with only a couple of small accidents on our way to the potty.

What was different about today was that Caleb didn't need to go very much, though he was still drinking normal amounts of fluids. In the morning, he went 3.5 hours between potty times. Talk about nerve-wracking! I thought he was going to burst at any minute, and I kept whooshing him away to the potty, which he wasn't too happy about. He was busy playing with his friend who had come over for the morning. When his friend left, I called Jon in despair. Jon recommended I take him to the bathroom and turn on the bath water to inspire him. It worked like a charm!

After that we had a staff lunch in town, so Caleb went into a diaper which he wore through naptime. After naptime, nothing for another 2.5 hours! That was when 6pm rolled around and Jon had another brilliant idea.

"Why don't we give him juice so he'll drink more?"

Well, I thought he'd been drinking just fine, but Caleb heard the word "juice" and would have nothing more of his sippy of water. So...out came the juice. Now, I should have remembered Holly's words to me yesterday, to cut off liquids about an hour before bedtime, but I forgot. That boy went through at least 2 cups of juice, if not three.

And in the period of an hour he broke yesterday's record and peed 5 times, adding a 6th just a few minutes after the hour mark.

SIX times. Boy I was not ready for that one! Every few minutes I'd find Caleb marooned in a new LARGE puddle of pee. My day of avoiding messes was ruined in that one hour.

So lesson learned. Who knows whether he needed the extra fluids or not, but it certainly gives him more chances to recognize when he needs to go. Until this evening, I thought maybe he was catching and learning to control his bladder better, but now I don't know. We'll see what tomorrow holds! More then.


  1. hmmm, well, maybe just normal amounts of liquids and regular potty times (Waking, before/after meals, and bedtime) would work better. If he doesn't mind being put back in diapers, it may indicate he's not ready to graduate yet.

  2. have you let him pee in the yard yet? i hear this is a fun thing for boys! ha! Sounds like mom needs to maroon herself on an island...with sand and surf, mind you!


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