Thursday, June 03, 2010

Random Outdoor Fun

Some random outdoor fun pics from last Saturday, the same day as the slip-n-slide. This was the last day of potty-training boot camp, so pardon the undies.

Sitting down for a picnic

Getting a ride with Daddy

Being the alpha male to the Scottie who lives behind us. He's saying, "Hush! Hush!" which is what I do when the dog barks (which is always). The dog is usually indoors, but when he comes out he's very territorial.

For once, Caleb is pretty quiet, so it doesn't really work like it does when I do it.

Hush, puppy!

Caleb enjoying a snack of grapes. I love the top of his head!

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  1. sooo cute! I love these pictures and your narration.


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