Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Slip-n-Slide Water Fun

Daddy, I want to play in the water....

All right, son. But we're going to do it the way your daddy did it when he was a boy. With a slip-n-slide!

I see, Daddy. This is neat!

Hook 'er up, Daddy!

I'm goin' in!

Oh, so THAT's why it's called a SLIP-n-slide.

I don't think I liked that very much.

Look Daddy, I turned the water WAY up on my own!! Now you can get wet, too!

It does make it a little harder to get through, though.

I'm a splashin' machine!

Hi Mama. Whatcha doin' still dry?

You need a hug!

(At which point Mama got a very cold, very wet hug, and decided to put the camera away for the rest of water playtime.)


  1. My, Caleb tells a great story! lol

    Thanks for posting the pictures and telling the story. I hope Caleb has lots of fun times with that this long, hot summer!

  2. Teehee, funny little guy! So did he slip and slide or did he just splash and run? =)

  3. there was some slipping, but no real sliding...


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