Saturday, July 31, 2010

Big Boy Bed

Because we have the birth of a new baby boy rising fast on the horizon (6 weeks!!), we've started getting Caleb ready for the transition. We're planning on keeping the boys in the same room, with James in the crib and Caleb in a toddler bed. James will be in a bassinet either in our room or the guest room until he's sleeping through the night, so that gives us a little time, but we decided to go ahead and start getting Caleb used to a toddler bed.

We found a metal frame toddler bed with mattress (used, but barely) for a great deal, and only had to put a new coat of paint on the frame to make all things new. At first it wasn't the clean contemporary bed I had envisioned, but then I realized that the room is pretty vintage-y already, and the bed fits perfectly in it.

(We've since moved the bed so one long side is along the wall)
Caleb loves it, too! The first day it went in his room, he wanted to sleep in it. He was done with the crib! I had planned on a little slower approach, but oh well! In the toddler bed Caleb went. He only had a couple of days to try it out before we went on vacation, then home a week, then gone another week, and now home again. So we're still in the trial and error stage!

(Caleb loves to wrap up in his blanket!)
Trying out his bed for the first time...the tear on his cheek? He'd already managed to roll off and had a little cry about it!
Naptimes have been hardest, since it's daylight and all his toys are just so visible! He's learned to play quietly...and then scoot back to the bed as soon as we open the door! Stinker. Today I left a toy with him in the bed, and he was asleep within 15 minutes, which is a record so far! However, he was asleep on the floor...evidently he was tired of rolling out, though last night I don't think he rolled out at all. We've padded the floor with lots of blankets, and I guess Caleb thought they were more comfy than his bed. Though when he woke up from his nap, it was sort of in an interrupted way, like he needed to sleep longer. He crawled back into his bed, but by that time he was awake.

Tonight I left the same toy in his bed, and I could hear him playing with it for the next 30-45 minutes, so it didn't work quite as well, but at least he wasn't in and out of his bed for an hour, which has been our frustration so far.

So we're definitely still adjusting. But I know Caleb is getting more used to it and understanding the rules better every day. He's even learning not to roll around quite so much! I know he'll have this whole toddler bed thing down pat by the time James shares a room with him.


  1. Love the pictures! he looks so cute in his little bed :)

  2. Awwww, already a tear from falling off. I can relate to that one even past my toddler years. I was always a clutz. :)

  3. Aaawwww, I want to squish him! What a cutie. Maybe your next addition would be a cute floor rug.


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