Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dr. Appt: 32 1/2 Weeks

So here we are, charging through this third trimester. Our 32-week appointment got bumped back a little, so we're almost to 33 weeks.

Here are the stats:
Weight: Gained 5 pounds in 2.5 weeks. Woohoo for goin' home to Momma's cookin! Total weight gain of 30 pounds.
Uterus: Measured in at 31 cm, a gain of 3 cm in the last 2.5 weeks
Blood pressure: 112/70
Baby's heart rate: just right

Today's visit was short and sweet. I didn't really have any questions but one, and it wasn't even baby-related. I've found out that my primary care physician won't see me while I'm pregnant; in essence, my OB becomes my PCP during those 9 months. So, my question was about my hands, which had gotten all itchy and bumpy over the last few weeks. At first it was nothing, just a little spot on my thumb, but then my skin started to dry and crack, and then the bumpiness and itchiness spread to my palm and then to my other hand. I'd kind of freaked out, thinking I had some sort of athlete's foot fungus on my hands, and I was a walking disease.

But the good ol' internet assured me that what I had was a sort of eczema, called dishydrotic eczema. As with anything, the internet was pretty broad in causes and treatments, so I spent the last few days using hydrocortizone cream and taking Benadryl--both prego-approved--which at least helped the itching, though it still spread to my fingers and threatens to show up on the soles of my feet, as well.

When I showed Dr. W my hands, she immediately confirmed my diagnosis. She commented that this type of eczema is one of only two dermatological issues that arise with pregnancy (the second--and more common--being acne). She said it was purely hormonal and would probably not go away until after the baby is born, or maybe even only after I stop nursing, but until then she prescribed a stronger steroid cream.

So it turns out that my non-pregnancy-related issue was really pregnancy-related after all. I still feel a little like a walking disease, but at least it's not contagious, and the worst of it on my thumb is healing up. Hopefully the cream will keep the rest in check. I just have to endure itchiness for the next...oh...year or so. I'm really looking forward to that.

In other, much more interesting, news, I've been belated in our baby name announcement! After much deliberation, we have chosen:

James Elliot Norvell

James (Jim) Elliot was a missionary in Ecuador and died serving the Lord there. Maybe Jon will write more about the meaning behind the name sometime. As for the James/Jim question, I'm sticking with James for now, though Jon's going with Jim. We're all for solidarity!


  1. Of course I had to chime in to say I Love the name...especially the middle name! Oh, and as with Caleb's I love the reason why you decided on the name. May James Elliot have the same faith and boldness for Christ that his namesake had!

  2. Great name, but Aunt Karen and I want to call him Elliot! :)

    So sad about the eczema; hope you get relief soon.

    Glad things are progressing with the pregnancy...just a few more weeks! Yikes!!

  3. Wow I can't believe you are that far! That must mean I am even farther!!! Yikes! :) I need to call you and we need to talk soon! I like the name a lot.

  4. I love having strong namesakes for babies. Great choice!

  5. I love James Elliot! There's a couple in our church, there first son's name is Hudson and the second one was Elliot. Love the idea and popular name. :)

  6. P.S. I've never heard of eczema, thank goodness for the internet. :) Hope it goes away soon.

  7. Yep, my vote is for Elliot. But you are his parents, I suppose. :-P

  8. Yahoo for Jimbo! Can't wait to meet you and call you all sorts of funny names! =)

    I acquired weird bumps on the tops of my thighs and upper arms...thinking is somehow baby-related, need to remember to ask someone next time I go in too!

  9. James Elliot is a perfect name! Strong, handsome, encouraging... all great attributes of a name! Congrats. Picking names is a hard job, and you've now done it twice, and great job on both!


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