Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Fall Fest Fun

I approached Halloween like most holidays, and didn't give it much thought until the week prior to the big day. Even then it was only a thought. I thought I had a blue/white striped pair of overalls for Caleb, and I thought James would look cute as a football.

Hm. Think, think, think.

I thought about sewing a football pouch for my little man to fit into, but that seemed complicated, and I have yet to find the fabric store in our town. So I bought some brown fabric dye, hoping to figure something out.

My mom arrived on Saturday (the day before Halloween, mind you) with an engineer's cap for Caleb. Our first actual costume item!

Sunday afternoon I did not find the overalls I was thinking of, but did find some really great ones that worked perfectly. I dug out a red bandana for Caleb and found our old freshman Baylor line jerseys for Jon and I. Then I dyed a swaddle blanket brown and added some masking tape for laces.

I'm a fan of the homemade costume, so I was happy with the way these turned out. I think Caleb was super cute, James was my perfect little football, and it was low-stress and less than $10.

Our fall fest had a costume contest for each age group. We didn't win, but there we were!

Engineer Caleb taking a break for juice and a hot dog.

He wants his airplane to fly all the way up to the stars, he says!

Caleb and his fried John are working out a deal. Caleb came home with the pin-wheel, and John enjoyed dipping the pencil in bubbles. All were happy!


Blowing bubbles.

The youth helped carve this pumpkin, and we won first prize! There were only three entries, and the one not shown in the photo was very similar to the small one in the photo; they were carved by the same kid. I kind of felt bad taking away his prize money, but justified it by deciding to spend it on the youth.


  1. The festival was tons of fun and the Norvells were the cutest spooks of all!

  2. Cute cute cute! And how did your kiddos not win? it was rigged!

  3. What a beautiful pumpkin design. I want Caleb's airplane and dreams to fly all the way up to the stars too. I loved your outfits. I do see there was a ladybug in the competition, was she the winner? You know how judges are suckers for ladybugs, or maybe that's just me. :) Looks like you guys had a blast.


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