Monday, November 08, 2010

Video of James Playing

James is 10 weeks old. Today he's looking at toys and touching them...a big step! You'll also see him follow his brother with his eyes quite a bit, and the beginnings of a little smile! As for Caleb, you'll see just how much this little boy talks!

(Click on the picture to get sent to the video.)


  1. Good Job James! Emily has that same play mat and likes it too.

  2. So cute! Ian came over and said, "That's MY baby James!" James will have fun with big brother and cousins to look after him!

  3. By the way, I think 10 weeks is normal for interacting with toys. I was looking at Ian's milestone book (to compare to Seth) and he started playing with toys at 9 weeks. I guess we're all expecting James to be slower than "normal," but hey, maybe not? I mean, yes, he has been slow to grow... but he looks so good in this video! Can't wait to see him again soon.


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