Friday, February 11, 2011


James with his friend Owen

'Sup? It's me, James, with my friend Owen.

Dude, are you touching me?

Say what?

Listen buddy, if you're trying to take my overalls, you outgrew these a long time ago.

Gotta love babies. Together...and yet not.


  1. too funny! does O get to reply? :)

  2. Well, the last caption was something from Owen about James being grumpy, but at the time I couldn't think of a funny way to say it.

    "James is Mr. Grumpy Diaper today!"

    "Look, is this about your sock that fell off? Because I'm pretty sure your mom can put it back on for you."

    " I'm ready for the bouncy now."

    And it's not that James was even grumpy; he just had these funny faces. :) He really likes Owen.

  3. so Cute...they will be friends in the future for sure.

  4. Dude, are you touching me? haha.

  5. Yeah, he did look less than impressed. BUT on the flip side, look how tan my child looks!

    Owen said to tell James to chillax, he was just askin' if he need help sitting up. What a baby!


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