Monday, February 28, 2011

Camping Trip, Part Three

Considering I had so many photos, I decided the best way to get them up (besides an eight-part series), was to put them in an album. Without further ado...the rest of the trip!

Jon and Caleb slept in the tent that night. Oh, darn, the tent wasn't big enough to hold all four of us.

But I will admit I stood at the window and watched for quite some time, wanting to know exactly what was being said in the tent. Was Jon explaining the joys of camping, surrounded by God's creation? Was Caleb curious about the pockets and zippers that make up a tent?

Jon tells me that they just went straight to sleep. Men.

Caleb woke up around 2am and wanted to go inside, but Jon told him to wait until morning, and that was fine for Caleb; he fell back to sleep.

The next morning, James woke me up extra early, so I was able to again watch out the window, this time waiting for the first signs of wakefulness so I could take a picture. Of course the boys slept horribly outside; isn't that all part of camping? We ate breakfast and played outside until real life had to start again with a morning errand into town. The funny part was that Caleb was ready to go inside. He wanted to go in the minute he woke up. Silly boy. This winter of being cooped up inside has done something to his head!

All in all, it was a great "trip." I'm not sure we're ready for the big leagues, but maybe. Maybe next time we'll try it in someone else's back yard!


  1. I think women tend to romanticize mundane things. Men sleep! haha

    Anyway, it was a fun adventure for Caleb to sleep outside in a tent with Daddy. I hope you do it again before the weather gets too hot!

  2. should have put the baby monitor out there!!! Or get walkie talkies for next time!

    Yahoo for backyard camping and cook-outs!

  3. This is so cute! I love that y'all went camping in your back yard...something Caleb will be talking about for years to come, no doubt.

  4. Y'all are such goofballs. I would never do this. :-) Looks like fun, though, and I bet Ian would love it. He sleep talks, though...

    Maybe sometime the cousins can camp out!

  5. Love it! Reminds me of our camping trip! Memories!


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