Monday, October 03, 2011

To the Zoo We Go!

Little Rock is about halfway between us and Jon's parents, so Nana and Granddad got to meet us at the zoo on this beautiful day. The boys loved seeing the animals.
Look at those cute teeth!

Eating a picnic at the park before heading to the zoo.

Caleb and Granddad.

Pickle Boy.

Sweet Potatoes Boy

Granddad and Caleb off to explore.

Feeding the fishies.

Cool dude at the zoo.

Look, mom! A bird!

Caleb wasn't shy about petting the animals.

One of these things....

Silly family

Poor kid. I forgot to bring him any toys. He had an empty water bottle and his sock.

Caleb and the tigers

Now he's got a good view!

Poor Granddad's face was right by the snake so Caleb could see!

Nana and Granddad and the boys


  1. I like all the hands on stuff! Looks like another great adventure!

    1. I didn't get my hopes up, since I'd been told it was nothing like the FW zoo, but i was pleasantly surprised!

  2. so cute. makes me jealous that we don't live closer.

    1. Yes, I wish you lived closer, too! Our halfwway point to you is Texarkans, basically, and I haven't found much there to meet for.


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