Friday, October 21, 2011

Since I'm trying to catch things up around here, here's a quick look at some things Caleb enjoyed this summer.

Every day we tromped around hunting for cicada shells. He was a fan.

And no, he was not naked. He just didn't have a shirt on. Don't you remember how stinking hot it was in August?? 

He also loves drawing on his "iPad." What struck me about this particular picture is that it was decided beforehand that it would be a lion. And it looks like a lion! See the mane? See it?

Okay...maybe only a mama can see it, but I was proud. And last night he drew a little man, which was an intentional circle with two sticks coming out the bottom for legs. Then he drew a mouth, which had a decided downturn. "He's sad." was the simple explanation.

I'm telling you, it's so cool to see these little changes! I love parenting!

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