Wednesday, November 02, 2011


I'm posting this in November, after Halloween, but writing this the following January. happens. To keep things simple, I'm just going to add captions to each of the photos. Caleb LOVED his leopard-dragon costume that Great Grandma made him (at his request). But every time it was time to put it on, he threw a big fit...residual from the Homecoming fiasco, I think. Once it was on, he loved it, and "rawred" to everyone...but evidently leopard-dragons do not like being photographed.

We had two events that we attended for Halloween. One was Hope-O-Ween at Hope Landing, where James receives therapy. It was held in the barn, with lots of activities. Neither boy was too interested in activities, but the worst part is that I didn't get any pictures of the barn and all the other people!

The second event was our church's Fall Fest, which was held in our new Family Life Center. Tons of fun!

Nooo...don't take my picture!!!

You can take MY picture!


Me and my boys

Hot dogs at Hope-O-Ween

Look at that cute little dragon!

We pause the Halloween festivities to go to a football game!

Caleb wanted me to make a scary Jack-o-lantern.

Heading to Fall Fest

Caleb running to tell his Daddy hi.

Marsha and Diane, who won the Best Costumes Ever award in my book. I couldn't even tell who they were!

Halloween fuels our love of suckers.

Caleb only ate the purple icing off his cupcake.

Caleb and his friend, Cara Grace.

Caleb and his favorite person in all the world, Miss Debbie. He didn't want to do any of the games until he saw Miss Debbie with the basketball.

He shoots...he scores!!

This was Caleb's first year to really "get" Halloween, and he had lots of fun. James was the cutest giraffe ever, and was happy wherever we were...even when I might have accidentally, maybe, just possibly, walked to the next activity in the gym and left him at the previous one. Boy was my heart beating when I realized his stroller wasn't right next to me. But there he was, enjoying the bean bag toss. Whew.


  1. So those people who won best costume ever...what were they?

    1. They were mad scientists! Their booth was a Create Your Own Cupcake, and it was super cute. They had two favors of cupcake, then little mini muffin papers filled with a dollop of icing in different colors, then bols and vials full of different kinds of toppings. It was decorated to look like a lab, with cooked spaghetti on a glass bowl full of colored water and everything. Very fun!

  2. That's such a great idea on the cupcake thing. I knew what they were! ;)

    Mr C looks so stinkin' cute! And yes, super cute giraffe! I love it all. I did think Jon's shirt said Fudge for a second...made me laugh!

    1. I think Jon would be okay with a shirt that said that. ;)


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