Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Honey Bear

The first time we visited our Speech therapist--we weren't even starting therapy, yet, just getting evaluated--she stressed the importance of avoiding prolonged use of a sippy cup. She eyed my almost-3-yr-old sucking on his sippy and sent us home with two different cups: one for James and one for Caleb.

Since that day, I have made the transition with Caleb. He uses cups with lids and straws (Take and Toss brand) most of the time, and open cups only at the table. We had a period of time where Caleb knocked his cup over as much as his sippy (the reason we had not transitioned), but it really didn't take him too long to figure it out.

James is still taking bottles, but he is also learning how to use a honey bear cup. It's an actual honey bear (though I think the producer sells them empty) with a silicon straw stuck through the lid. The honey bear is ideal because it's so squeezy. I just squeeze the liquid up into the straw and allow a little into his mouth. He automatically swallows, encouraging more liquid out of the straw. Before you know it, tada! He's learned how to use a straw!

And you know, that's exactly what's happened. It's so cool to see him confidently grab the honey bear and take a big drink. He loves it! He doesn't sustain it long enough for the bear to replace the bottle, but we use it at mealtimes. Next, we'll start working on his ability to use the same Take and Toss cups that Caleb uses. His liquids are thickened so much that I don't think he will be able to use an open cup (imagine drinking applesauce from a cup). But who knows; I never would have guessed he'd skip the sippy, and look at him go!


  1. Why do they discourage sippy cups? Ian still totes his around, although we've switched to a different lid (not the spout kind, hard to explain). At mealtimes he has open cups.

    1. It's something about the way it trains your mouth muscles. It can cause some kids to have lisps, or cause problems when transitioning to an open cup. It's probably like the "sleep on their back" rule. Best to follow, but not necessary.

  2. Very cool for Mr James. O does pretty well with anything he can get his hands on. Which is good and bad (esp. if he steals YOUR drink!!)


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