Thursday, January 05, 2012

James Plays Pat-a-Cake

We've been playing pat-a-cake with James for a long time. And when he started clapping, it got even more fun. Then he showed some "roll 'em up" movements, and occasionally (but not while singing the song), he would throw up his hands in a "throw 'em in the pan!" sort of way. Well, I can proudly say, it's all come together. This boy is a pat-a-cake king, and he thinks it's pretty darn awesome. So do we.


  1. Precious!!

  2. I think he's pretty darn awesome too!

  3. he's so excited!! great snippet of video!

  4. We think it's awesome also!!! He is sooooo adorable.

    Love seeing the video. Keep up the great work. You guys are doing such great job! :)


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