Monday, January 28, 2013

Caleb's Birthday

It's ridiculous how long it's been since I've posted, so we'll just forget about it and move on, okay?

Caleb's birthday: From not too long after last year's party (a dragon/castle party), Caleb declared that he wanted an underwater sea party. I happened to luck out when our VBS over the summer involved an underwater scene, and one of my awesome helpers took lots of time to create jellyfish and coral reef...which I promptly told her I needed for Caleb's birthday party. Score.

Fast forward to October or so, and Caleb's invitation list is a mile long, including most of the people in our church. We don't have many kids his age in our church, so he was ready to extend the circle to all his adult friends, as well. However, we have been blessed by a great group of new friends this year at Hope Landing, where James receives therapy. The kids that come (and their siblings) are all around Caleb's age, and we have become part of a playgroup that gets together every week. But mostly the kids like to play together while their siblings are in therapy, or after finishing therapy themselves. With this fun group of kids, I limited the "adult" list to only a few, and it worked out very well.

Waking up with the traditional streamers in the doorway!

Ms. Debbie stopped by early to give Caleb his present.
Don't you feel like you're underwater??

Lucas putting the treasure on the map

Caleb trying to put his treasure...right back where it had been!

The kids are on a treasure hunt, finding the fish that has the next number on it (counted 1 through 10)
The treasure chest that the kids had to find.
They found the treasure! Now to open it and grab the booty inside! It was all spread out to the kids' good boxes to take home with them.
Goody table with a box for each kid.
The cookies we made the night before: starfish and crabs

The toppings for the cookies!

It's cookie decorating time! Tyler already has his icing on!

Kelly helped out so much by coming early...and then hanging onto James for me!

Henlea, Lilah and Kinley are helped by their mamas.

Is that a smiley face I see on Henlea's cookie?

Cara Grace is ready to be a pirate!

Talk about booty! This kid had lots of gifts!

He was very considerate, remember to thank people--sometimes even before he'd opened the gift.

James is taking advantage of a busy moment to try to make off with his favorite gift of the night, Owlie. Too bad the balloons he was dragging with him gave him away.

Something interesting about the gifts he received is that he has used almost all of them consistently. Sometimes, gifts go by the wayside and never get thought of again, but he really has enjoyed them all.

It was a fun party. I loved having our new friends there, as well as the friends we've known since we moved here. For once, I had some things prepared before the night before. I played it safe with cookies this year, though Caleb was quick to note that he missed having a cake. Next year, son, I will make a cake for you.

We love our four-year-old so much. He's just like me in so many ways, which means he drives me crazy and makes me laugh all at the same time. I can't wait to find out what kind of party he comes up with next year!


  1. I really like the jellyfish. It feels just like that scene in Nemo. Yay! You're back! Yes, don't worry about catching up or anything, just dive right in and keep posting! :) Love you!

  2. How exciting! You're too busy being a good mama to Caleb and James to blog much :)

    Looks like a fun party; glad you enjoyed it with new friends. And yes, Caleb is VERY polite!

  3. The jellyfish were sooo cool. You did score with VBS. Looks like everyone had a fun time. :)

  4. Awesome party! I love everything about what you did. Looks like so much FUN!

  5. Yay, fun! I'm going to let Ian have a friend gathering I think and let him pick the "theme." The goal is to keep it low key because I am not prone to doing that, so we'll see if Ian is like his mama or not! I do have a plan in the works for Seth's bday since I don't think he'll have an opinion, yet. Or he might, I probably just won't ask him! ;-)


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