Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Great Grandparent Visit

My grandparents live about 7 hours away (that's driving without kids), so getting to see them is rare. As a matter of fact, last November, it had been almost a year since we'd seen them last. We call often, and would get on Skype whenever possible, so the boys knew their great grandparents, but we were well overdue a visit. My mom offered to come along for the ride, which was a big help, since Jon wasn't able to come.

It was a sweet, sweet time, as it always is at either of my grandparents' houses. I have so so many memories from my childhood, and it makes my heart happy to know that my boys will have a few tucked in their pockets, too.

Great Grandpa and James have lots of fun

Already playing games!
James shows off his walking skills

Great Grandma read lots of books to the boys.

Great Grandma made sure all the leaves were still there for the boys to play in, and they loved them!

Caleb dancing around "the first tree of Christmas!"

Great Aunt Mary was just what James needed to fall asleep.

Caleb is very important as he waters Uncle George's garden.

Caleb had looked through the Toys R Us ad, and decided that THIS is what he wanted for his birthday...and that's what he got!

Caleb got to take an antique airplane out for a spin!

It was Caleb's first real success at pedaling.

You can tell how pleased he is with himself!
Aviator Caleb!

Time for Little Man to take a turn!
Uncle George starts the engine.

More reading time!

Grandma gets a chance to play ball with James

Caleb picked a flower for Great Grandma

Great Grandma takes James for a walk

The boys enjoy Great Grandpa's piano!
Great Grandpa gets ready for his recital

A sweet, sweet moment that I am so glad I captured. These two love each other dearly!

And these two are pretty fast friends, as well!

I've always loved my Grandma's hands.

Our family.


  1. What sweet sweet photos. I love the one with your G-Grandpa and James

  2. Pretty special indeed. Glad you all made the trip.

  3. Aw, I wanna go see them now!


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