Wednesday, May 08, 2013

9 Weeks

Here we are at nine weeks. They say every pregnancy is different, and I have found that to be true. Well, mostly true.

Similar to 1 and 2, I have not had any morning sickness. The previous pregnancies, I have had a constant feeling of "gagginess" that required me to snack all day long. I can't really describe how I feel this time around. The gag feeling comes and goes. For example, when I started cooking dinner tonight, it made me feel gross just to smell it. This happened to me last week, as well. That time, I only picked at my dinner, but was able to eat it the next day with no problems. I am rarely hungry and get full faster than normal...and yet, I have had more snacks throughout the day. That might account for the (ahem) six pounds of weight

And completely UNRELATED, there is no hope of me fitting into my normal clothes. I had stashed away a couple of pairs of jeans that were a size or two larger, and those are serving me for now. But, it turns out that one of those jeans has paint on it (funny how you forget those things when it's stored away for two years), so I ended up pulling out a couple of honest-to-goodness maternity pants to make up for it. So there you go. Nine weeks in, and I've already made the plunge into maternity-wear.

Let's see, with Caleb, I made it to 16 weeks before switching. And with James, I made it 19.5 weeks! What does that say about this baby?? Granted, I haven't fully delved into it, but I'm pretty sure once everyone knows I'm pregnant, I'll be pulling out the ol' panel-topped shorts and the empire waist shirts.

As far as other pregnancy symptoms, the huge one for me this time around is FATIGUE. I remember being tired--as in, hit-by-a-Mack-truck tired--but I am TIRED. By the time the boys are in bed, it's all I can do to get myself to bed. Forget dishes, work, laundry, or even just hanging out with my hubby. Tired. I'm ready for this to go away.

Tomorrow we go for another sonogram with our favorite sonographer, Kathy. We are going to take Caleb and James with us, and that is when we will tell them. I'm super-excited about Caleb knowing. I wonder if he will laugh or cry...or if he'll understand at all when he sees the sonogram?

And of course, once Caleb knows, everyone will know! I hope that he will be excited to tell everyone, so we can tell brothers and grandparents. My Mawmaw got it out of me today, but everyone else will find out tomorrow, probably through a few Skype/Facetime dates.

That's it for now!

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