Thursday, July 25, 2013

What We've Been Up To: Newbie3

I am very far behind on the baby updates! My brain has been so scattered lately, it's been hard to sit for an extended period and put thoughts together.

I am at 20 weeks--halfway there!

My last appointment with Dr. W was a few weeks ago, and here are the stats from it:
My bp: 120/68
Weight gain since last visit: 3 lbs
Baby's heart rate: 160

We discussed the Level 2 ultrasound I would be getting at 19 weeks, and she said we would not have the normal 20-week ultrasound in her office.

I asked about the pain in my tailbone, and she said it has to do with the position of the uterus, and the lax nature of the bony structure in my spine. Everything is stretching out for the baby!

That was pretty much the extent of the appointment. The fast heart rate started putting a little doubt in my "it has to be a boy" philosophy. Maybe...a girl?

Well, this past Thursday, we went to our Level 2 ultrasound. Of course, the main purpose was to find any medical problems that might indicate Down syndrome or other chromosomal syndromes. Within a couple of minutes, the sono tech said, "Well, I'm not looking at it closely, yet, but I can already tell you it's a boy!"

Haha! Another baby boy! What a blessing. Jon has his plate full in raising some good men! And my job isn't easy, either, trying to teach them how to treat ladies and look for godly women to be their helpmates in the future. What a responsibility, this parenting is!

But the more wonderful news of the ultrasound is that the doctor found no major health problems. All the "soft markers" that could indicate Down syndrome were non-existent, and all the major organs looked perfectly healthy. We were scheduled for a more detailed look at the baby's heart next week, because of James's medical history of a VSD, but the doctor said this baby had a "beautiful heart"--or maybe it was "beautiful ventrical septum,"--and there was no need for further study.

Prior to the ultrasound, we met with a "genetic counselor" whose main job was to explain what to expect in the ultrasound, and then to meet with us again afterward if any problems were found. He would explain the implications of what was found, the next steps or further testing recommended, and then also to handle the emotional stuff that could happen. We understand the possibility of what could happen, but God had taken care of us so far, and no reason to doubt that now, no matter what we found. Not that we would be bundles of smiles if we had found out some devastating news, but what a powerful peace we have knowing that God is in control--not my body, or the doctors, or anything else in all its imperfection. The perfect God is in control.

I have given up my pile of pillows that bolstered me up at night. They also kept me awake, and I fought with them any time I moved. So I'm going without, until I can't sleep without them.

Oh my goodness, I almost forgot! The name for little Newbie3!

Jackson Lee Norvell

We will call him Jack.

I'm not quite used to it, yet. I haven't said it enough times, I guess. But the boys can both say it, and that's good!

Jack is quite the mover and shaker! He was really wiggly during the ultrasound, and I feel him moving around all the time.


  1. Yay for another baby! Your blog still comes up in my feed, so it's fun to see updates. Hope you can sleep (sans pillows) soon! :)

    1. Yeah, I can't believe it's been 6 months since I've updated! The baby is already here (and 3 months old!), so I have a lot of updating to do!!


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