Friday, August 09, 2013

Hope Landing Talent Show 2013

Every year, Hope Landing has a talent show to showcase all the wonderful things the kids can do. Last year, James rocked out to Great Balls of Fire. This year, he showed off his alphabet skills. I was so excited at how well he did. (Disclaimer: he doesn't enunciate very well, but *I* know he got the letters right!) And I loved that Caleb had a part, too. I was a little afraid he would have stage-fright, and I prepared the OT (Gena) to take his spot if needed, but he did great! He even stole the mic at the end to say "Hooray for James."

So proud of my boys and all that they accomplish. And so thankful for Hope Landing and the way they pursue the best for our kids.

Here are some other photos from that night....
My two boys and their bow ties. Ready to go! (You can see poor James and his sty)

James with one of his Physical Therapists, Tricia.

Blowing bubbles before the show

Master of Ceremonies and Hope Landing CEO.

Entering the stage.

Dance break!

All the talent of the night, taking a bow

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