Thursday, July 31, 2008

Twenty-Four Weeks

Ack! It's already been another week! I reported a little late last week, so that made this one come much faster. Caleb has gained about 4 ounces since last week! And he's been wiggling away! Sometimes I can feel him move--not kick--just roll around a little. That's kind of a weird feeling. And I definitely feel him above my belly button now, which up until recently he had not resided. The other day, I even saw my belly jump when he kicked!

The glider is here, and it is as lovely as we remembered it being in the store. My Grandma is working on sheets and curtains and a skirt and pillows. That has been the first commitment to the nursery plan that I've made, so we're running with it now! I think it's going to look great. I'm still having a hard time visualizing it all. Hopefully soon we'll start making some changes around the house so it will start coming together.

I don't think I have any more pregnancy signs to report, or any other big purchases that I can remember. Oh, that reminds me, I do think I'm more forgetful. My mind has started blanking out sometimes, and people have asked me to do something at work and I've immediately forgotten it. I hope I haven't forgotten anything important! If you ask me to do something for you, please remind me about it a day or two later, if I still haven't done it. I've always been forgetful, and my general tactic is to do things right away, but sometimes that's not possible. Once again I'm thankful for Jon, who keeps my head on straight!

Speaking of Jon, let me just say that he has been so great lately! I mean, he's always great, but it seems that he's transitioned into a new role lately. We went to a German restaurant yesterday (which is another story altogether). Being German food, it was very heavy, and I ate only about a third of what was on my plate. Even though it was very expensive, Jon apologized and said we'd pick up something for me on the way home. That wasn't necessary at all, but I appreciated that the immediate thought was for my needs and not for the price of my uneaten meal. He's also been quick to help out with Bonnie & Clyde, our little test babies (poor cats). He changes their litter, helps me clip their claws, and takes an active role in their training and upbringing. Sometimes I can see that it's a conscious effort on his part. He would rather not deal with the cats in the middle of the night if I'm already awake to deal with them. But he realizes that it won't be just me dealing with Caleb, and he wants to get ready for that and set the precedent of being involved now.

I've always been amazed at Jon's intentional nature. I can make goals all day, but by the time I've written them down and set the paper aside, I've forgotten. It's only two days later that I think, "Oh! I was supposed to do...." Jon, on the other hand, can make a mental note, and it's there. Any lack of follow-through on his part is another conscious decision. He's always been that way, and I'm grateful to see he's making a decision to handle parenting as a team, with grace and patience, just like he's doing with Bonnie & Clyde.

Note: I added the Week 22 pic to the sidebar! Sadly, we missed the 23 week picture, so we'll take 24 on Saturday (if we remember!).


  1. I still love hearing your updates and remembering back to my own pregnancies! Watch out for one of those turns that makes your stomach look like an alien's taken over (it's pretty entertaining).

  2. For fun, when I was pregnant, I'd sit back in the recliner and stand a bottle of lotion or something on my belly and everyone in the room would try and guess how long it would be before the baby kicked it off. It was too funny!

    Also, when I got REALLY big, toward the last month of each of my pregnancies, you could see the baby move at random times. You're right... it's a weird feeling, but when strangers see little hineys and elbows poking around, it's even weirder!

  3. My sidebar photo only goes to 21. I can't wait to see 24!

    Hooray for good husbands! and that little Caleb is active and healthy.

  4. Way to go, Jon! Lydia, you mentioned that you're having curtains made...did you still want to work on black out shades sometime?? Let me tell you, they are a lifesaver!!!

  5. Hey, I have an idea on the arrangement of your living room. I've been meaning to map it out for you. Guess I'm a little forgetful these days, too!


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