Thursday, July 10, 2008

Twenty-One Weeks

Well, what's happened this week? I've started to have some of the discomforts of pregnancy. It's getting a little harder to bend down to put my shoes on. I've got the "crunched up" feeling like I'm slumped over, but I'm not. (You'll see in my 20 week photo to the right that my belly is starting to grow above my belly button, and not just below.) I keep trying to stretch out, but it doesn't seem to help! My hips have been hurting...I'm thinking that's them doing what they're supposed to be doing as they grow and spread. And sometimes my abdomen is just sore and uncomfortable, like it needs an ice pack or a hot pad. Jon likened my aches and pains to growing pains, which if you've seen him you know he's familiar with! I'm glad he understands, because even I have started to get annoyed that I grunt every time I pull myself out of a chair. :)

The other day I had Fun Dip on my mind. You know, the packet of flavored sugar that you eat with a sugar stick? They're so great. Anyway, Jon was heading to the gas station to fill my car up before I went into the office the next day. As he walked out, I asked him to bring me back some Fun Dip! Woohoo! Well, 30 minutes later he's still not back! Finally he calls and says, "I've been to two gas stations and the grocery store, and I can't find any Fun Dip!" He sounded so dejected. Here I was with a random wish for a random food--don't know if I would call it a craving because, as I've said before, I'm pretty spontaneous in my food desires anyway--and he can't help me! He said as he was staring at the candy aisle in one of the gas stations, a guy came up and said, "You must be here for your kids." "No, my wife," Jon said. "Is she pregnant?" was the man's response! How funny is that!

So, no Fun Dip for me. My friend Cliff had told me earlier that day that he used to make his own Fun Dip with Kool-Aid and sugar, so I tried it with lemonade and sugar. Eh...not the greatest, but it had to do.

I've quit weighing as much, since my scale seems to be way off. The last time I weighed, it said I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Well, looking at the belly photos, I think we can all agree that can't be right!

Oh, a random thing that some people don't know about is veins. The amount of blood in my body has increased dramatically, and all my veins have dilated to accommodate the greater blood flow. Sounds like something I might never notice, but au contraire! I'm thinking that my headaches might have been linked to that, because perhaps the vessels in my brain hadn't expanded, yet. Also, blue blood vessels are much more prominent, especially across my chest, where it looks like a road map of Texas. And I've also got spider veins in random places. Supposedly all these things will go away after pregnancy. We'll see!

Caleb is still lively and kicking away! Jon's felt him a couple times, now, which is really cool. The other day he e-mailed me and asked, "How's my boy?" That made me feel good. Jon has a little boy, even though he can't hold him, yet, or love on him personally. He already loves him, despite that.

Caleb is about 12 ounces and 10.5 inches long. So, since last week, he's only gained 1.5 ounces and half an inch. I'm waiting for the time when he catches up to the cats. I wonder if he will, though, since they're growing, too, and should be about full-grown by the time he's born (so about 10-12 pounds). Whoo, I hope he doesn't keep up with them!! It would just be cool to have a visual. "Look! Here's my cat. He's the size of Caleb!" I know, that's probably weird. But it would still be cool.

Sidenote: The belly pics in the sidebar will only run through three times now, so it will end on the most recent picture. I don't have a whole lot of control over what it does--I can decide how long each photo is up, and how many times it loops--but if anyone has a preference, let me know.


  1. seems to run more than 3 times for me. And it doesn't go all the way to the 20 week picture.

    Too bad about the fun dip! You should get some Pop Rocks. Those are even more fun!

  2. @T: Jon got me Pop Rocks for Valentine's Day! But I must say I prefer Fun Dip.

    It sounds like you need to clear your cache or refresh your page or something...your browser is pulling the old image up since it's already loaded (and under the same name). Next time I'll rename the image so it should recognize that it's new. I really have no idea. Most of what I say about the internet, I make up. :)

  3. Lydia! YOu look so cute in your pictures. I am so excited to see you this weekend and see how cute you look in person.
    So I bought Caleb something yesterday. I told you once we knew the gender that it would start and I would be buying things all the time. So I'll bring it to you on Saturday. It's a little big (that totally gave it away) but if Caleb takes after his dad, he will be wearing it way before the tag says he should :>). Can't wait to see you and eat CAKE!

  4. @KarenD: You weren't supposed to notice that we didn't do week 19! We actually kept forgetting, until finally it was closer to week 20 than 19. Oh, well.

    @KarenN: Can't wait to see you, too! And hooray for things for Caleb!!

  5. Wow, big difference in the belly this week! That's so cool!! I'm glad Jon calls you with stuff like that, and also that he tries to satisfy your cravings. He's a good husband and will be a good dad.:)

  6. I love the pics of your expanding belly. I sure hope that the pants that you are wearing don't fall off. You do indeed have a great hubby and I can tell he is going to be a great dad. I hope to see you sometime soon. Thanks for the heads up on the cake lady. I can't wait to meet the kitties too. Maybe on Saturday when Karen is here we can swing by after she gets her hair cut.

  7. Tody I found myself looking for Fun Dip but I could not find any either. Has this well loved candy disappeared from our shelves? I am not sure but if I find will be on its way to you Lyd! Oh I have a blogspot...Yeah!

  8. Fun Dip found!! Margie found some for me at the Dollar General. Hooray!!

  9. I'm so glad you finally got your Fun Dip! It's awful to have a pregnancy craving and not have it on hand. When I was pregnant with my oldest, we made SO many trips to the local Mexican restaurant for chips and salsa and their iced tea!


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