Friday, October 30, 2009

Sick Kiddo

Caleb's been battling a stomach bug since Sunday. He hasn't eaten a real meal since Monday evening. The poor guy is pretty well spent!

This morning we woke up at 4:30 to an extremely nasty diaper, then I got puked on, but the rest of the day went very well. I fed him little bits at a time--nursed him a little, a few bites of green bean, some chicken bits, a couple crackers--and tried to keep fluids in him. We made it through the whole day!

Jon came home and offered to watch Caleb while I took an hour to get out of the house. What a great guy! I wanted to try to nurse Caleb just a little bit before I left--his lack of wet diapers had me a little concerned. So I did...and he puked all over me. Everything he had kept down all day came back up. Caleb was pretty upset and I was pretty nasty. Jon took Caleb and I went to clean up. So much for my hour break...but it was nice to take my time in the shower!

When I got out Caleb was clean and sound asleep on Jon's chest. However, the transfer from Daddy to the crib woke him up, so I rocked him for a little bit. Jon went to the kitchen to work on making a pizza for us. I thought about how cool it was that Jon could so easily do whatever needed to be done, whether it was giving me an hour off, cleaning Caleb up, or picking up where I'd left off in the dinner prep.

We eventually switched, because despite his awesomeness, I do have the best knack for rolling out the pizza dough. :) When I was done rolling and the dough was toasting in the oven, we switched again. Caleb had by this time decided that he was not going to sleep until someone fed him something, so I gave him a couple crackers. Finally he settled enough for me to lay him down. The pizza is finished and Caleb's cries are diminishing over the monitor.

I feel so bad for our little boy! The doctor said yesterday that there's nothing to be done; viruses just have to be waited out, and all we could do was make sure Caleb was getting enough fluids. We're doing our best with that, but I hate seeing him sick. :(


  1. Poor Caleb, poor Mommy and Daddy! I pray he gets well soon and back to his voracious appetite! Your dad enjoyed his brief visit today. He loved that Caleb could walk with him to his car. :)

  2. So sad! And icky! Sorry to hear, lil guy, and I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Caleb's "diminishing cries" did not diminish quickly enough, and we ended up bringing him back out to eat some applesauce, which he did well with. His short time in the crib left him awake 'til 8:30. Oh, well! He was happy, so I was too.

    We enjoyed seeing Grandpa today, too! He was very encouraging about our decisions coming up.


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