Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Caleb's Hot Springs Adventure

While James was hamming it up on the dock in Hot Springs, Caleb had other activities in mind.

Playing a game with Daddy on the iPad

This is a favorite face of his these days. It means lots of things: I'm sad, It was an accident, I hope I don't get in trouble,....

Our friend and host, Thad, helping Caleb throw bread to the ducks in the water.

Caleb off to the boat!

Hi mom. I'm off to try something new without you. I'll be off to college before you know it.

My camera stayed with me, but Jon tells me that Caleb was pretty quiet on the boat ride, taking it all in. They got in the water and tried out tubing! Caleb seemed to have fun, and came back excited to tell me about it--mostly about how he spilled his water bottle and our friend Mary Elizabeth found a cup holder for him. It's funny what sticks in kids' minds!

Here are the fuzzy iPhone pics of my boys in the water.

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